Jon G. Allen, PhD has written an article entitled  Biomania: a protest. He agrees that mental illnesses have a biological component, but he objects to that being the only focus of mental health treatment. He feels that psychotherapy is another valid component, and can treat a ‘stress pileup’ that may contribute to the biological imbalance. Those of us in the peer recovery movement have known all along that peer support can supplement psychiatric treatment and give people an opportunity to discuss issues that they feel uncomfortable bringing up, or that they don’t have time to bring up, with their treatment providers. The peer recovery movement has also emphasized trauma as a cause and as a result of mental illness. This article can be read in 3 minutes. We would be interested in knowing your feeling on this issue. Please leave a comment.

Here is the link to the article:

See also his more recent article: Does reframing mental illnesses as brain disorders reduce stigma? He points out that we have tried for years to get mental illnesses recognized as brain diseases, and this has had an effect of increasing the stigma of mental illness. He emphasizes that we need to view people affected by mental illness as persons first of all, and emphasize that people can heal.